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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XII
Chapter XII: Old Wounds, New Hopes
“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.” -Unknown
 Third Age, 3019
Dawn made itself known to those residing in the cave, bringing light and warmth with its arrival.
This brought wakefulness to Inconnu Naeril, who cracked her eyes open a bit and when she stretched to loosen her muscles she again found herself restricted by a pair of warm arms. She smiled to herself and looked up, knowing that Er-Murazor was still deep in sleep, and made no move to leave his embrace lest she wake him. He deserved to rest, they both did.
Four days had passed since she woke from her fever, and four days since she had freed yet another part of the Witch-King’s very being from Sauron’s corruption. The freeing of his heart had brought interesting and wonderful changes to the Nazgûl’s entire demeanor. Things that she had noticed before, once only
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : XI
Chapter XI: The Fragility of the Heart
"The heart is one of the most powerful muscles we have… and the most fragile." -Sonya Teclai
Inconnu was relieved when the pain disappeared, the darkness surrounding her. She felt utterly content in this place, despite not knowing wherever this was. If she were being more honest with herself, Inconnu did not really want to leave this place. She was very much at peace here in this strange darkness.
"It is not your time yet, my Chosen," Came the familiar calm tones of Oromë. "You are healed, the recent danger has passed."
Inconnu felt momentarily confused, but found that she could not find her voice. A small, white light then appeared in front of her and she felt compelled to touch it. When she did, just barely with her fingertips, it suddenly grew and encompassed her entirely.
"Return to him."
Inconnu gasped, unable to open her eyes just yet and her breathing was erratic for a
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : X
Chapter X: Pleading for Peace and Light
"Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein
The Witch-King stared at Sverundr as they continued their standoff, occasionally glancing to Inconnu's unnervingly still form. He easily estimated that Inconnu had lost quite a lot of blood from protecting him fron the second creature's ambush and the longer she went without attention, the less her chances of survival were. Surely the large stallion knew this? No matter Er-Murazor's thoughts though, as Sverundr was keen on and very much keeping his rider and the Ringwraith apart.
Still maintaning eye-contact, Er-Murazor carefully took a step toward Sverundr and stopped when the stallion snorted. The large stallion stamped his front hooves in the fresh layer of snow, but did nothing else as the Witch-King took another step forward.
Then he took another and another and when he took a fourth step, Sverundr reared sli
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : IX
Chapter IX: An Attack of Shadows
"You can only come to the morning through the shadows." -J. R. R. Tolkien
For the first time in a very long time, Inconnu woke up in a state of absolute calm.
She was utterly content and considering what she had gone through as so far in her journey to redeem the Witch-King of Angmar this was very much needed. The Huntress of the North stretched slightly, aiming to loosen the muscles from their sleep, when she realized that something was preventing her from doing so fully. Slowly Inconnu opened her eyes and to her surprise worn black robes met her gaze, and looking further around she then fully noticed that she was in the arms of Er-Murazor.
Inconnu didn't know how to quite take this situation, having never been in this kind of situation before. Being honest with herself though, she found that she didn't mind being in his grasp. He was warm, something that she barely noted before she fell asleep after the
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VIII
Chapter VIII: Ghost's Song
"Don't forget-no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell." -Charles de Lint
15 Miles North of the High Pass
The evening found Inconnu and her companions trapped in a cave with just enough room for all three of them. It was past midwinter now, a majority of the snowstorms for this section of the Misty Mountains having passed already, but it seems this one wished to linger. Howling winds raced past the smaller entrance into the cave but very little could enter. Inconnu huddled closer to Sverundr, who had fallen asleep an hour or so ago. It was hard to tell the passage of time in the cave. Inconnu stared into the lively embers of the small fire she started some while ago. She didn't add more in order to keep it aflame, as she knew to be sparing in feeding the greedy embers.
They were warm enough, and between the body heat of all in the cave and the ember
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Worries and Promises|Super Secret Santa 2016|
Princess Illiana was missing her father again.
It had been like this for the past week now, ever since the first snowfall in the land of the Orrin King. Illiana smiled softly and an equally soft sigh as she continued to stare out the window of the small cabin, frost framing the edges and the occasional mist from her breath on the glass. She admired the snow, enjoying just how beautiful it made the Forest of the Ancients. Humans were certainly missing out on the natural beauty of Gal’taurra’saemn’toran, but the princess knew that the mortal race of Men were frightened of what they did not understand and called her home ‘The Forbidden Forest.’
Another faint sigh and Illiana resumed gazing at the beauty of the forest, only for very familiar arms to become wrapped around her waist. Illiana jumped a little at the sudden presence behind her before calming and looking up and over her shoulder. She lightly hit one of the strong arms around her, which brought a kno
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VII
Chapter VII: How A Friendship Began
"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend." -Albert Camus
Two Days Later…
Finally Inconnu had discovered better hunting grounds.
She had thought that they would come upon something like this much sooner, but the Huntress of the North had underestimated the power and reach of the darkness that the High Fells of Rhudaur possessed. Inconnu was currently crouched, hidden by the dead foliage and concealed by her grey Elven cloak. She smiled as she remembered the gifts of Galadriel and Haldir before she left their forests, but as Inconnu remembered Oromë's gift of Ghost's Song her smile faded slightly.
Still she remembered the vision it gave her, obviously of a time long past and, as her intuition told her, from the last days of Arnor. Inconnu also still had the feeling, which her Patron confirmed,
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : VI
Chapter VI: Bridges of Trust
"The key ingredient to building trust is not time. It's courage." -Patrick Lencioni
10 Miles South of the High Fells of Rhudaur
Dawn broke the eastern horizon and the light of a new day spilled onto the land. Inconnu had been awake half and hour beforehand. She wasn't sure if the Witch-King was already awake or was still in a deep sleep, but internally she was glad if he still rested as she wanted some time for herself. Inconnu didn't want to confront him just yet. Right now she was rummaging through her saddlebags, checking the state of her supplies. While doing so, her lips gradually formed a frown.
She was getting low on dried meats and other foods that could last a long journey. A few times she had taken a bite of some Waybread, but there was still plenty. Enough to last another month or two. Inconnu would need to go hunting soon, and her senses told her she would not find suitable prey so close to the
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His Corrupted Heart (Witch-King x OC) : V
Chapter V: Found At Last
"Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for; great enough to die for." -Dag Hammarskjold
High Fells of Rhudaur
It was midday when at last Inconnu was able to look upon the mountainside known as the High Fells of Rhudaur, the place where the Tomb of the Nazgûl resided deep within. She sighed in relief, glad to have finally reached her destination after nearly two months worth of travel, and Sverundr agreed with this sentiment. The stallion nickered and Inconnu encouraged him onward, only having stopped to really look at the steep mountainside.
Within two hours they reached the base of the mountain, and with keen eyes Inconnu spotted primitive and very worn steps. They led up so far that Inconnu could only barely make out the end of the treacherous path. Inconnu was confident however that she would reach the top and delve into the ancient tomb. She had to, for his sake. Sverun
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Lords of Change by Selene-Eclipse Lords of Change :iconselene-eclipse:Selene-Eclipse 22 21 and when you think by R9A and when you think :iconr9a:R9A 135 35 Nazgul by DianaBathory Nazgul :icondianabathory:DianaBathory 18 6 FireHeart  by booklover1978 FireHeart :iconbooklover1978:booklover1978 1 1 Sauron The Deceiver by ViceroyPhoenix Sauron The Deceiver :iconviceroyphoenix:ViceroyPhoenix 35 5 Right.  by PeanutGallerySeth Right. :iconpeanutgalleryseth:PeanutGallerySeth 4 2 Irregularity (Mask Guardians) by PeanutGallerySeth Irregularity (Mask Guardians) :iconpeanutgalleryseth:PeanutGallerySeth 2 0 Red X by Thuddleston Red X :iconthuddleston:Thuddleston 63 4 [GIFT] Inconnu and Witch-King by PeanutGallerySeth [GIFT] Inconnu and Witch-King :iconpeanutgalleryseth:PeanutGallerySeth 2 4 Evolution of the King by LiraDaSilva Evolution of the King :iconliradasilva:LiraDaSilva 13 2 Smaug And Bard by Miruna-Lavinia Smaug And Bard :iconmiruna-lavinia:Miruna-Lavinia 76 4 Darth Nihilus by Thuddleston Darth Nihilus :iconthuddleston:Thuddleston 74 7 ''I have missed you...'' by larafanVGC ''I have missed you...'' :iconlarafanvgc:larafanVGC 2 2 Ankou by AgarthanGuide Ankou :iconagarthanguide:AgarthanGuide 5 1 Sauron by darksidentic Sauron :icondarksidentic:darksidentic 16 2
The Heartless [Little Tales]
Once upon a time there were two sorcerers, great wielders of magic, who were as different as fire and ice, darkness and light. Valdaf the summoner was capable of bringing to life any manner of creature he wished, and he could control its life energy, while Ofaris the Light, was the arbiter of the souls of the damned and abandoned.
Together, they maintained peace, though what no one knew was how jealous each was of the other. Valdaf despised mortal life and took advantage of it without concern for those he brought back from unlife, apart from the power they provided. Ofaris cared for the ghosts in her charge as best as she could, but her light could not pierce the darkness in their souls no matter how she tried.
Soon each decided in secret to steal the tasks of the other to gain what they wished to rule over. They each succeeded upon realizing they desired each other's domain, but the sorcerers could not so easily change. As a punishment, the Greater Gods struck them down and took contr
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(In honor of 100 reviews on His Corrupted Mind, Heart, and Soul!)


Do you see yourself as Inconnu as you write?

Yes. You know how some actors ‘method-act’? I do something similar that I call ‘method-write’ when writing, so pretty much I am Inconnu whenever I’m writing HCMHAS.


If yes to the previous question, do you therefore reflect your own ideal characteristics as hers?

This is a bit of tough one to answer, and it’s a yes and no. Other writers will tell you as well as myself that, more often than not, we put a part of ourselves into our characters. In accordance to that, Inconnu has a good deal of my initial social awkwardness when meeting new people when I was in Middle School. In terms of ideal characteristics, I’d say that I wish my nature wasn’t so super passive-aggressive (and I do) and I put that into Inconnu’s character.


What made you decide for Inconnu to be Half-Elven?/How old is Inconnu?

Well, it actually had to do with her age. You see, I wanted Inconnu’s mother to be pure-blooded Numenorean from the start, but at that time in the books Numenoreans, even pure-blooded, only lived for 200 to 600 years approximately. Inconnu, at the current time in HCMHAS, is 1,016 years old. Now, I didn’t want her to be pure-blooded Elf, and upon remembering that Elrond is Half-Elven and chose to life as an Elf unlike his twin Elros, I went for Half-Elven because I decided for Inconnu to have that choice between an immortal or mortal life.


Since Inconnu is Half-Elven, has she chosen immortality as the Huntress of the North?

She actually hasn’t decided yet between immortality or mortality. I decided to give her the ability of being able to delay making that choice, an ability that Elrond’s twin sons Elladan and Elrohir are theorized to have since they too are technically Half-Elven.


Is this your first time writing romance?

In an official and lengthy story, yes it is. I’ve written little scenes of romance before though. I actually consider myself far better at writing fluff so this is actually very good practice for me!


Will Inconnu ever meet the mysterious white-haired Elf in person?

Yes, Inconnu will eventually meet the mysterious white-haired Elf in person.


In Chapter 7, Oromë showed Inconnu the throne room in Carn Dûm and said that she would soon enter Angmar. Will Er-Murazor go with her? (Glorfindel’s Prophecy stated that the Witch-King would not return to the north, but Glorfindel’s written account in the Minas Tirith scroll (Chapter 6) said “…he would never return with ill-intent for the North.” So, if he bears no ill-intent…)

Don’t you just love loop holes? I know I do! ;)


Will Er-Murazor tell Inconnu about his own vision of the three stained glass windows?

If he were to tell Inconnu about his own little special vision, I believe it would be late game War of the Ring. I don’t think it’s a great idea for Er-Murazor to tell her about it at the current time in the story, since he would also have to talk about their potential son… A little too early in their budding official romantic relationship to talk about that. XD


The time of the winged Nazgûl approaches… will one of the remaining eight be sent to slay Inconnu and recapture Er-Murazor?

Well, Saruman did fail with the Ravagers. Almost succeeded but did ultimately fail and Sauron would not be very happy about that… All I can really give up is that there will be a Fell Beast involved before the end of this part of the story.


Does Ghost’s Song have a role to play in freeing Er-Murazor’s soul? (A bit haunted by Oromë’s words in Chapter 7: “All that would await the Witch-King then would be a true death and not one by your hand.”)

Yes, yes it does.


Will the Witch-King ever use his now incredibly poisonous sword?

You know, I actually came up with Er-Murazor using his dark magics to heal Inconnu on the spot while writing the chapter so… I’m sure I can come up something for that sword to do!


How long have you been writing?

I have been taking myself seriously as a writer since I was thirteen, so almost six years now.


Do you have any original stories?

I very much have original stories notched in my writing experience belt, some of which you can find on my Wattpad or Quotev account.


What do you use for inspiration when writing?

I get inspiration from a lot of things, but mainly the semi-abandoned/re-hashed stories from a literal shoebox, songs, and the occasionally lucid dreaming.


What inspired you to start writing?

Reading the works of John Flanagan (Rangers Apprentice), Derek Landy (Skullduggery Pleasant Series), J.R.R. Tolkien, and the many wonderful people who told me that I have talent and should continue to develop it.


What is your favorite aspect of writing?

World-Building. I have such a fun time world-building, creating lore is a blast, and I can easily say that backstories are my best friend when writing. Plus, I favor lore heavy stories that utilize their lore well.


Was the Witcher an inspiration for Inconnu?

I do know about the Witcher books and games, but Inconnu isn’t based on the Witcher and I didn’t make the comparison until a reviewer mentioned it. Said reviewer also mentioned that Inconnu was only missing the yellow eyes and silver sword for monster hunting at the time, but Inconnu now has Ghost’s Song, so she’s only missing the yellow eyes now! XD


Do you hate lore-dumping?

Yes, yes I do. I hate it very much and it frustrates me whenever a writer does it, fan fiction or published.


Is there going to be a happy ending for His Corrupted Mind, Heart, and Soul?

Yes… It’ll just take a little longer to get there. We do have quite a few more conflicts to get through before Inconnu and Er-Murazor get their happy ending.


How does it feel to have this story reach 100 reviews?

It feels like I have been inaugurated into the ‘Hall of Great Fan Fiction’, which I couldn’t have done without the support of those following the story!


How detailed did you get into planning His Corrupted Mind, Heart and Soul?

The most detailed thing about this fan fiction is the timeline. This timeline is updated at least once a week and is my greatest reference other than the map of Middle Earth. It has everything from when Er-Murazor supposedly became a Nazgûl (I actually have events noted from before even that, but that would be spoiling a lot about something,) to events planned post-War of the Ring. Basically, it’s my own custom Appendix B and is written out like that timeline too. I’m very proud of it and I think I’ll post that after the story is completed entirely for you guys to nerd over. Note however that I messed with the overall timeline quite a bit since I am following the movies’ pacing more than the books’ pacing. I took creative liberties.


When reading reviews on your stories, what do you come across often?

A good third of the reviews I have read specifically noted my writing style. In the beginning (and somewhat still to this day,) I kind of had no idea what you people were going on about. I just shrugged and said to myself, “I have something here apparently, so I better keep doing it!” and here I am. Best description I received about it said that my writing style is like a ‘mind-film’ and that they feel like they are actually there and a part of the action, instead of just being an observer.


Do you think you have a fan base?

Oh yes I believe I have a fan base, which makes me go, “Sam, start writing down your original stories and share them with these people!” I also love the fan art I’ve been getting and I love every one of them! Who knew that the Witch-King and Inconnu could look so cute chibi-fied? XD


Any failed original plans/bloopers for His Corrupted Mind, Heart, and Soul?

Why do you think there is always more than one draft to a story? I’ve re-written a few chapters because I wasn’t happy with them. In terms of failed original plans, I actually had the story planned to also go through the events of The Hobbit as well, but that fell through. However, I still managed to sneak in Peter Jackson’s creation of the Nazgûl Tomb in there because it is such a cool concept! I can quote that scene word for word I love it so much! I also originally planned for Inconnu to have chased the injured Witch-King all the way to Carn Dûm, but my timeline made a later plan look a little more unbelievable than it already was so the Nazgûl Tomb it was, and I have a much better plan for the Witch-Realm of Angmar now.



Do other people in Real Life know you write fan fiction, and if so what do you tell them often?

Yes, quite a few people know that I write fan fiction and I often say this to them whenever I finish reading new reviews, “I honestly should not have this much power of people’s emotions. It scares me how easily I can manipulate someone’s emotions over fictional characters.” And then I keep doing it because I love feedback and I love writing stories to share with people! You are all awesome!

(This is especially relevant after posting ‘The Fragility of the Heart’ chapter and reading those reviews. Happy tears for everyone! X’D)

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